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  • Mail payments to: City of Las Vegas Sewer, 495 South Main Street 4th Floor Finance, Las Vegas, NV 89101 or to make a payment online go to www.LasVegasNevada.GOV/Sewer
  • The website shows accounts in real-time balances with the current Billing Cycle. The due date is the first day of the current Billing Cycle. A 15% penalty will be assessed 15 days after the due date. On the 25th of each month liens are assessed when accounts are delinquent over $200. All properties stay in the legal owners name at all times. Bankruptcy is not included in the total due and must be added to pay the account in full. To ensure accurate payoff information add the payoff balance columns for total amount to remit to the City of Las Vegas. Accounts with a balance owed or a credit on the account are to be prorated by the title company for the buyer and the seller.